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  • 6502 Development: NOPerator Debugging Aid

    6502 Development: NOPerator Debugging Aid

    A Very Simple 6502 Accessory That can Catch Very Complex bugs. Debugging is hard. Anyone who programs computers knows how hard it is to get stuff working reliably. Tiny oversights can lead to massive problems, often in ways that aren’t obvious. Patches get churned out on a daily basis. Hardware engineers have it much, much…

  • 6502 Minimal Development Board

    6502 Minimal Development Board

    A Minimalist First Step Into Complex 6502 System Design. I’ve had a serious interest in computer hardware since high school. In between attempts to design my own CPU, I also took some interest in the 6502 shortly after finding Veronica. I promptly ordered two R65C02s- and did nothing with them. Keep in mind this was…