Some Disassembly Required

Building, Un-building and Re-building Things


Welcome to Some Disassembly Required!

One of the best things about the internet is finding all the neat stuff people make. Clever hacks, odd contraptions, simple tricks, obscure knowledge, things you didn’t even know were possible, all laid out for everyone to see.

That, is why I made Some Disassembly Required. A place to put my own neat stuff. My specialty is electronics, but I’ve got an interest in just about everything. I’m always looking for new challenges.

If you want to see some cool ideas, track down some hard-to-find knowledge, or just see the satisfaction of a project coming together (or falling apart) you’re in the right place.

About Me

I always enjoyed making things. As a child I was always coming up with fantastic ideas for machines, and buildings, and what-have-you. Most of them didn’t go anywhere of course- but a few of them did. Over the years the gap between distant wishes and real progress got smaller. I learned quickly the value of a broad knowledge base, a willingness to make mistakes, and how to settle for less than perfection.

That, I suppose, is why I’m here. A reason to keep learning, keep making, keep finding new and exciting things. Also a motivation to follow through. Too many projects get put off indefinitely, never making real progress. Publishing them gives me a reason to just put the effort in to get things done.